Featurecast - Production Vaults Vol 1 - SAMPLE PACK & VIDEO TUTORIALS

Featurecast - Production Vaults Vol 1 - SAMPLE PACK & VIDEO TUTORIALS

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The breakbeat don Featurecast is back with his best sample pack to date! 

Included in this pack are hits, loops, multi-samples, synth presets and sampler patches for all your Breakbeat needs. 250 loops are included featuring full drum loops, top end loops and kick & snare loops. Ranging from 105bpm, 110bpm, 130bpm for the first time in a Featurecast sample pack 175bpm D&B loops! Over 250 individual one shot sounds providing you with fat drum hits, bass, synths, FX and 4 sub multi-sampled instruments!

As well as all that you will find over 30 Featurecast trademark sounds crafted for Massive and Serum. This pack is ideal for Breaks, Hip Hop, Funk, Drum & Bass and much more! All content is key labelled for instant application into your productions.

In detail expect to find 464MB of content with 520 individual 24 Bit WAV files. 250 Loops are included with 44 Music Loops, 82 Full Drum Loops, 42 Kick & Snare Loops, 65 Top Loops, 12 Vocal Loops.

251 One Hits include 71 Drum hits [21 Hats, 20 Kicks, 20 Snares, 4 Shuffles, 20 Drum Fills 4 Crash] 57 FX Hits [13 Down Sweeps, 4 Efx, 20 Impacts, 7 Risers, 7 Stabs 24 Vocal Hits] 25 Bass Hits, 4 Sub bass Multi Instruments. 20 NI Massive Presets, 12 Serum Presets. Sampler patches for Kontakt and Exs24 are included.

Audio Demos

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(All video files come as MP4 format. Due to the file size and internet connection longer download times may be required)

Featurecast is back with a whole host of new tutorial videos! Watch Featurecast delve deep into his production techniques to bring you his most in depth series yet. 

Focusing on an entire track break down Featurecast takes you through all the ideas and techniques that have helped him craft his unique style. Taking you through Drum arrangement, drum processing, parallel compression techniques and kick and snare processing. Other sections will look at working with samples, bassline and synth layering, processing vocals, master channel output plugins and more.

This tutorial is mainly plugin based so weather you are using Logic, Ableton, Cubase or any other DAW you will be sure to find this helpful for all your breakbeat producing needs.

Videos included.

1. Drums 2. Bassline & Synths 3. Vocals 4. Horn Samples 5. Drops & Buildup 6. Master Channel 7. Kick Processing 8. Snare Processing 9. Kick & Sub Sidechain 10. Parallel Drum Compression

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